Bodmin Moor

Like pretty much everywhere in Cornwall I love Bodmin Moor.

It’s such a wild and beautiful place and one of 12 designated areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Click here for a map of all AONB in Cornwall.

Also, for good measure, Bodmin Moor is a designated ‘Dark Sky Area’ so on a clear night there’s no better place to see trillions of stars and the Milky Way (at the right time of year) on a clear night. Click here to find out more.

If you know where to look you’ll often find wild Moorland Ponies, Sheep, and Cows all grazing on the moorland.

Bodmin Moor is also home to two of Cornwall’s highest peaks. Brown Willy (420 metres) (1377 ft) and Rough Tor (390 metres) (1279 feet).

You’ll also find many ancient stone circles and monuments scattered throughout Bodmin Moor.

If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite; Bodmin Moor is also home to Siblyback Lake and Dozmary Pool where it’s believed King Arthurs sword Excalibar lies beneath the water waiting to be found.

And last but not least, Bolventor on Bodmin Moor is home to the world-famous Jamaica Inn which featured in the smuggler’s story written by Daphne du Maurier.

Oh, and it’s also the home of the ‘Beast of Bodmin Moor’!!!

If you fancy a break from the beaches and the crowds during the holiday season Bodmin Moor is an amazing place to visit.

Where is Bodmin Moor located?

Getting to Bodmin Moor

By Car

As you can see above the A30 runs right through Bodmin Moor so there are several points along the A30 where you can jump off to get to your destination.

By Air

It takes about 45 minutes to drive from Newquay Airport to Bodmin Moor.

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Where to stay in Bodmin Moor

There’s a wide range of quality accommodation available in and around Bodmin Moor.

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Jamaica Inn

My wife and I recently stayed at the Jamaica Inn. I’ll be writing a full review soon but in a nutshell, the room was nice but the food we ate in the evening was very expensive for what it was (pie and chips twice).

The breakfast included in our package was nice though.

Our room at Jamaica Inn

What to do in Bodmin Moor

  • Explore!
  • Visit the highest village in Cornwall amusingly called Minions (yes it does exist and it still makes me chuckle)
  • Visit the Cheesewring (a natural formation of rocks balancing on top of each other)
  • Take a bike ride along the Camel Trail – Visit website
  • If you like anything to do with the Knights Templar visit the Templar church in the village of Temple (surprisingly enough) – Visit website
  • If you like woodland and waterfalls visit the beautiful Golitha Falls – Visit website



The Cheesewring

You wouldn’t think this was a natural rock formation but it is

The Templar Church

St Catherines Church, originally built by the Knights Templar

My 60 second Instagram video of St Catherine’s Church


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Golitha Falls

Golitha Falls is a collection of smaller waterfalls rather than one massive one

My 60 second Instagram video of Golitha Falls


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Here’s a video of a walk I did from Minions to the Cheesewring

Is Bodmin Moor dog-friendly?

Click here for info about how dog-friendly Bodmin town is.

You can walk your dog on Bodmin Moor but it might be wise to keep them on a leash as there are wild ponies, sheep and cows wandering around freely.

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