December 24

Massive Waves And Spectacular Stormy Seas At Porthleven


Porthleven is renowned as a great place to go and storm watch.

I decided to pop down there as I had heard on the local news that stormy seas and massive waves were expected all along the coast of Cornwall.

This was the first time I’d been to Porthleven during stormy conditions and I have to admit I wasn’t quite prepared for how rough and stormy the seas actually were.

I only intended to go to Porthleven for an hour or so as I was planning on going to Marazion to film a second video but the scenes were so dramatic at Porthleven I decided to stay and capture as much video footage and take as many photo’s as I could.

I parked myself on ‘Bay View Terrace’ which meant I had a great view across the whole harbour area and set about capturing this spectacular event.

Waves batter the harbour wall


The local Coastguards were on hand to make sure that people were able to make their way along each side of the harbour wall as some of the waves that were breaching were enormous and well capable of dragging an unsuspecting bystander into the sea if they weren’t careful.

You can see two rainbows if you look closely enough

The road was cordoned off with tape because it was too dangerous for cars to drive down the harbourside road. Drivers were also escorted back to their cars by the Coastguards to ensure they were able to get into their cars safely.

You know it’s serious when the Coastguards are on hand to escort people around the harbour area

Even being this far up I was still getting hit by lots of seaspray when the waves crashed against the wall.

The calm ‘during’ the storm

It’s amazing how calm the sheltered harbour was compared to the open harbour.

Looking back across to Bay View Terrace

As it was nearing the end of the day I decided to head over to the other side of the harbour.

Admiring the view


This is the view you are used to seeing in the press; St Bartholomew Church with the cliffs in the background getting a pounding by the waves.

This is a great spot to watch Mother Nature’s entertainment.


And, the other side of the Church. The bit you don’t normally see


By the end of the day, the wind and the sea had calmed down quite considerably. I hung around here to watch the sun go down and then I walked back to the car park to head home. It was such a brilliant afternoon. I got some great photo’s and video and made some excellent memories too.

Next time there’s a big storm I’ll definitely be heading back to Porthleven.

Where is Porthleven?

Instagram Video

If you are in a rush you can watch this 60-second video of my stormy afternoon at Porthleven.


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