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Temple Church, Temple, Bodmin Moor


I’m strangely drawn to the Temple Church in the small village of Temple in the parish of Blisland on Bodmin Moor. I love visiting ancient churches anyway but churches that have a Templar connection are of special interest to me.

I’m a bit obsessed with anything to do with the Knights Templar. Especially the Knights Templars connection to Cornwall.

I’ve been here a few times recently. I don’t need much of an excuse to go to Bodmin Moor and every time I do I pop into the Templar Church.

I’m fascinated by what went on here hundreds of years ago. I think it’s part of getting older, I’m 45 now and I have definitely developed a voracious appetite for Cornish history especially anything that involves the Knights Templars activities in Cornwall.

Something odd happened while I was filming inside the Templar Church on my last visit. In certain parts of the church, I picked up strange audio interference on my iPhone XS. It didn’t happen all over the church just certain parts. Nothing like that has ever happened before. I know my iPhone is in perfect working order so I really can’t explain what was going on. It’s the reason why I removed the ambient sound from the video because the static interference sound being produced was just too annoying to listen to. Spooky!

Where is Temple Church?

Temple Church is set in a beautiful location on Bodmin Moor.

If you are planning a visit to the church it’s also well worth spending some time exploring Bodmin Moor. There’s so much to see and do and the scenery is absolutely spectacular at any time of year.

Temple Church

Temple Church_Churchyard
Churchyard and Headstones


Temple Church Exterior
Rear exterior of Temple Church


Temple Church_doorway
Doorway (make sure you shut it after you!)


Temple Church_outbuilding
Outbuilding with stone carvings


Temple Church Outbuilding Carving
Closeup of the carvings


Temple Church_interior1
I love the simplicity of this church


Temple Church stained glass
One of the beautiful stained glass windows


Temple Church Sideroom
Side room


Temple Church Chairs
Those chairs don’t look too comfy!


Temple Church Interior
Temple Church really is tiny, I love that simple wooden cross on the wall


Temple Church_StainedGlass
Amazing stained glass, note the Templar Cross in the top window


Temple Church_InteriorRoof
What a beautifully simple church building


History of the Templar Church

Temple Church is Grade II listed. It was built around 1120 on land that was owned by the Knights Templar. It used to be a place where marriages could be performed without the necessary ‘banns’ or ‘licences’, much liked Gretna Green.

This ended around 1744 when the church came under episcopal jurisdiction. Eventually, the church fell into disrepair and the final church service took place in 1882. It was rebuilt the following year by Silvanus Trevail and was dedicated to St Catherine.

Instagram Video

If you are in a rush you can watch this 60-second video of my recent trip to Temple Church, Temple, Bodmin Moor.


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Further Information about Temple Church

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