House Of The Dragon | Game Of Thrones Prequel Filming, Cornwall, UK

Date: 07/05/21

Holywell Bay

Here’s my latest video of the House Of The Dragon | Game Of Thrones set locations of St Michaels Mount and Holywell Bay in Cornwall, UK.

This video was shot over a couple of days at the end of April 2021. 

I drove up to Holywell Bay (owned by the National Trust) which is a beautiful location on the north coast of Cornwall not far from Newquay. Holywell Bay is also famous as a location for the hit tv series ‘Poldark’.

As a member of the National Trust I was able to park for free and noticed that immediately next to the car park was a storage and loading area for the production crew. 



The storage and loading area next to the car park.


The usual location direction signs.

This was as close I could get to the location. I couldn’t really see the actual set itself but it’s still interesting to see what was going on. The entire set was surrounded by security guards.


The pathway to the set.


The set was shielded from prying eyes. I didn’t see any actors while I was there unfortunately. 

Holywell Bay is where the beach scenes between Matt Smith (Daemon Targarayen) and Emma D’arcy (Rhaenyra Targaryen) were filmed.

The Holywell Bay set was relatively small compared to St Michael’s Mount. 

St Michael’s Mount


I had a bit more luck regarding actor/extra spotting at St Michael’s Mount. The large building in the photo below is a cafe so this was where the actors/extras got their refreshments before being escorted up to the set. 

I can’t make out who the actors are in the immediate photo below but you can see several actors/extras wearing cloaks, gowns and suits of armour.


St Michaels Mount Actor
St Michaels Mount Actor
St Michaels Mount Actor

I believe the photo’s above are of  ‘Steve Toussaint’ who plays ‘Lord Corlys Velaryon’ heading away from the set. 

Date: 26/04/21

Here’s my latest set location video shot on 26/04/21. A few days after the crew arrive at St Michaels Mount. 

You’ll see that the set is pretty much complete and ready for shooting. In the video you’ll photo’s of what seems to be a production meeting. I’m assuming that some of the actors were included in this as well.

Date: 25/04/21

Today I headed back to the set location at St Michael’s Mount in Marazion to see how things are progressing. Nothing has changed much since my last visit but I did position myself in a different place so I could get some photo’s of the main set head-on. You can see a lot more from this position. 

The lighting conditions were much more favourable today but the wind was howling and blowing an absolute gale. 

Date : 22/04/21

Set building has begun on St Michaels Mount in Marazion, Cornwall, UK for what we believe to be the upcoming spin-off Game Of Thrones prequel – ‘House Of The Dragon’.

I have it on good authority that this is indeed the case. I’ve also seen several crew vehicles with ‘Game Of Thrones’ car parking stickers on them so it’s looking very likely that this is indeed one of the sets for ‘House Of The Dragons’.’

Game Of Thrones Location 1

Several film crews have also been spotted at other locations around Cornwall.

I will be focusing on this location as it is just down the road from where I live but I may visit the other locations if I get the chance.

In this video, you’ll see clips and photos of the set location on St Michael’s Mount as it starts to take shape.

I’ll post as many videos as I can to keep you up to date on everything that is going on. I’m guessing filming will start sometime in May 2021 if they are still in the process of building the sets.

The calls have also gone out for extras. I’m planning on applying myself 🙂

Game Of Thrones location 2

Theories are bouncing around social media regarding this production. One theory is that a ‘Seahorse Sigil’ (an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical powers) is carved into the archway that you will see in the video and photos.

This may belong to ‘House Velaryan’ who were once allied to the Targaryens. I’m no expert when it comes to Game Of Thrones but I loved the Game Of Thrones series and I may even start watching it again or maybe start reading the books to really get into it.


So what is the Game Of Thrones prequel – House Of The Dragon all about?

The HBO series is set 300 years before Game Of Thrones and is based on George R.R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood.

The series will tell the story of House Targaryen (the house that gave us Daenerys Targaryen).

St Michaels Mount is a spectacular setting especially for a series like Game Of Thrones. 

I’m sure after CGI has been added and the sets dressed accordingly it will probably be unrecognisable but it is still very exciting to think that ‘Game Of Thrones – House Of The Dragon’ is being filmed on my doorstep.

Game Of Thrones Location 5

There was plenty of activity going on while I was there. The tractor was coming and going and delivering items to the main set around the archway.

Game Of Thrones Location 4

I hope you enjoy this article and my videos. 

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