November 29

A Walk Up Trencrom Hill


Trencrom (or Trecobben) as it is also known is not only a stunning place to visit with amazing 360 views at any time of year it is also a site of historical importance.

Trencrom was the site of an ancient hill fort and possible neolithic enclosure and is now owned by the National Trust of which I am a member and whose work I wholeheartedly support.

It is also one of the few places in the country where you can see the sun rise and set into the sea.

Trencrom isn’t the highest hill in West Cornwall but at 175m high at the top, you really can get some stunning views across the landscape.

It’s not far from where I live so I like to climb it whenever I can. The views are spectacular at any time of the year.

There are also some very picturesque walks and bike rides you can do around Trencrom.

Where is Trencrom?

Very Informative video about Trencrom

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  • The Megalithic Portal Website – There’s a lot of fascinating information found here about Trencrom including photo’s, maps and discussions by people who have a real passion for ancient places and structures


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