The Mystical Tintagel Castle


This was my second visit to spectacular Tintagel Castle grounds and ruins.

The first time around I didn’t have time to visit the castle so this time I made sure I was able to spend plenty of time exploring and filming.

Fortunately, I had a free ticket otherwise it would have been £15 to get in but It’s well worth it.

The King Arthur statue is an amazing work of art and the views are pretty spectacular. 

Contrary to popular belief King Arthur wasn’t born there because there is about a 300-year gap between when King Arthur was said to have been born and the construction of Tintagel Castle.

Click here to read  an interesting article about a British Historian who claims he has found evidence that King Arthur was born in Yorkshire and not Tintagel in Cornwall. 

Tintagel itself is a great place to visit. It’s only a small village but there’s enough there to keep you entertained outside of the castle.

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