December 16

A Circular Walk Around Perranporth


This short video of a circular walk around Perranporth was shot during Autumn, October 2019.

This walk takes about 3 hours.

This circular walk starts off in Perranporth town centre and the route takes you through:

– Jericho Valley
– Mithian
– St Agnes beach (in the distance)
– Trevellas Porth
– Perranporth Airfield (including some old WWII bunkers/air raid shelters overlooking the coast)
– Cligga Head

The weather was fine but there had been a lot of heavy rain recently so in parts it was very muddy.

We left quite late in the day which meant that it was dark by the time we got back to Perranporth.

It’s a great walk which can be fairly hard going in places but it is well worth the effort.

Where is Perranporth?

Instagram Video

If you are in a rush you can watch this 60-second video of our day trip to Perranporth.


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