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A Daytime Walk Around Mousehole To Check Out The Xmas Lights


Mousehole (pronounced ‘Mowzel’) You don’t want to upset the locals – is a beautiful fishing village situated a couple of miles away from Penzance.

I live about 20 minutes away and always enjoy wandering around.

Mousehole is famous for its Xmas lights (amongst many other things) so I wanted to go and see how they were coming along. It turned out they were already in place and the workers appeared to be putting the finishing touches to them before the big switch-on on 19/12/19.

The famous Loch Ness Monster Xmas lights in the foreground

I did my usual circuit of the village but this time I decided to take the public footpath behind the Mousehole Methodist Church which leads to the top of the hill where the ‘Merry Christmas 2019’ lights can be seen.

Merry Christmas 2019 lights

It was muddy as hell and extremely windy when I got to the top so I didn’t hang around but nevertheless it was another part of Mousehole I’d discovered and a very pleasant diversion from my usual route.

A traditional red phone box


I love this window


War Memorial

As you walk around Mousehole you ‘ll notice there are a few historical places of interest such as:

Keigwin House

Mousehole was destroyed in 1595 during a raid by Spaniard Carlos de Amésquita.

Keigwin House is the only house in the village that survives from that period. Keigwin and Little Keigwin House were originally part of a much larger Manor House.


The plaque attached to Keigwin House reads:

“Squire Jenkyn Keigwin was killed here 23rd July 1595 defending this house against the Spaniards. Mousehole was burned but the house spared. It is now the oldest in the village. Built circa 14th century.”


The house of Dolly Pentreath



As I was walking in front of the harbour wall a rainbow appeared that ended in front of St Michaels Mount followed by a massive black cloud and a mass of wispy white clouds. Within a couple of minutes, the whole spectacle had disappeared. I’m glad I managed to capture it.


Where is Mousehole?

Instagram Video

If you are in a rush you can watch this 60-second video of my trip to Mousehole.


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Interesting information about Mousehole

S.O.S at Sea

Whilst reading up on Mousehole I came across this really interesting video from 1940 called ‘S.O.S at sea’ from the British Council Film Collection. By the looks of it, Mousehole hasn’t changed much at all since then.

The Penlee Lifeboat disaster

On 19/12/81 the ‘Solomon Browne’ Lifeboat based at Penlee Lifeboat Station near Mousehole went to the aid of the ‘Union Star’ after it suffered engine failure in rough seas. Even though the Lifeboatmen managed to rescue four people both boats were lost which led to the death of sixteen people including all eight Lifeboatmen.

Blue Juice

This film was filmed all over Cornwall but Mousehole featured quite heavily in it.

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