January 24

Mysterious Cornish Sea Creature?


Well, not quite a ‘mysterious sea creature’ even though it certainly did look’otherworldy’.


In fact, what you see here is an amazing collection of thousands of Goose Barnacles attached to a tree trunk that washed up onto the beach after a storm at Marazion in West Cornwall.


Apparently these plucky little sea creatures like to hitch a ride on anything they come across in the sea and waste no time in populating it.

It was a really cool thing to see.


Apparently, a few days later the Goose Barnacle infested tree trunk washed up again on another beach.

What are Goose Barnacles?

Goose Barnacles are a form of crustacean that are also known as ‘Gooseneck Barnacles’.

They have a long fleshy stem that looks a bit like a black neck. The body of the barnacle lives inside the white shell at the top of the black neck.

They eat plankton and detritus and are very often consumed by humans.

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