January 15

Big Waves And Turbulent Seas At Cape Cornwall


Cape Cornwall is where I proposed to my wife so it’s a special place that is always great to visit at any time of year,

I recently went to Cape Cornwall on an extremely stormy day and enjoyed getting battered by the wind and sea spray whilst trying to get this video footage. You have to suffer for your art 🙂

It’s another amazing place to watch the spectacle of the raw power of the sea on a stormy day. The light is amazing and there is a National Trust car park so if you are a member like me it’s free to park!

Like many places in Cornwall during the summer months, it can get very busy here so if you plan on coming it might be worth getting there early so you can get a parking space and there less chance of getting stuck down a country lane because of the volume of traffic trying to get to this fantastic location.

Where is Cape Cornwall?

Instagram Video

If you are in a rush you can watch this 60-second video of my recent trip to Cape Cornwall.


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